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Theory preparation

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 New approach for the great results


 More than 1000 questions in data base

 134 videos for hazard perception training

 including 34 CGI DVSA training clips.

 Unlimited mock tests.

 100% chance to PASS.

 Our users are 3 times more likely to PASS  first time.

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Practical sessions

 75 % first time PASS for our students.

 95,99%  of students they did Pass the   Driving test first or second time.

 3,99 % of the students they have PASS   after two exams.

 99,99% of our students they PASS.

 We don't let nobody behind.

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 We can provide driving traning session in 




 weekend lessons available


Changing your NON british driving licence

 You need refresh sessions?  You need to regain your confidence in driving?

 We are here to help

 Well, we have great experience working   with this kind of requests.

 Personalise sessions can be made after a   driving test.
We can provide the driving school car   Peugeot 208 diesel, manual 

 for exam.
89,99 % of our students they  did PASS the   driving test with less than 10 hours of   training.

 9,99 % of our students they did PASS the   driving test with 10-15 hours of traning .

  Weekend lessons available.


 Approved Driving Instructor Florin Babici

Approved driving instructor

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Correct steps to start your traning

  1   Make contact with us

  2  Registration 

  3  Driving sessions booking

  4 Apply and recieve the provisional driving licence 
  5 Theory exam
  6 Driving test

  7 Full driving licence

                                                                                     Important to know

 1 All exams are in English and Welsh - we offer special training for those with a low level of English

2 Don't pay anyone who tells you they can help you with exams.

 3 Don't try to book yourself the driving test without speaking with your trainer if you have one.

 4 Patience, everything is personalise to your needs. We will arrive at the destination, Your full driving licence

 5 Don't put pressure on you, everyone is different. They learn, achieve in different periods of time

 6 Intensive sessions  aren't all the time the solution

 7 If you have questions, get information from competent people, patience, they will contact you

 8 Accept that you are a student and you want to learn, no one reproaches you

 9 Trust the student + instructor team

 10 Do not forget what you have accumulated during the training period, continue to drive safely all your life


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