What to look for in an instructor?

What to look for in an instructor? Forget the cost for a moment, you’re going to be spending a long time in the car with your instructor so you need to find someone you’re at ease with.

The chief executive of the Driving Instructors’ Association, Carly Brookfield, said: “Parents tend to have outdated knowledge about driving. That might lead a young driver to make a decision that could cost them their life. “Most driving instructors are teaching life skills, not just how to pass a test. And you know that their knowledge will be up to date because they are tested every four years by a DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) assessor sitting alongside them and watching as they teach a lesson.”

“Ring them up and have a chat. This person is selling knowledge. You need to know they’ve kept up to speed with training. And you should also establish whether you’ll be comfortable with them,”

The mantra about waiting until you’re ready to take the test is even more important this year. To give yourself the best chance of passing, don’t take the test too soon is the advice of the Driving Instructors Association. “The art of the driving instructor is to establish if someone is ready,”

In my personal opinion: I would run the learner through a series of mock tests in the run up to their actual test. This would highlight possible weaknesses that might need working on.” Good luck!

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